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Former NASA Rocket Scientist, Science Educator, American Ninja Warrior, Eagle Scout


NAME: Kevin J DeBruin
HOMETOWN: Kaukauna, WI


  • Former NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) Spacecraft Systems Engineer

    • Europa Lander Flight System Engineer (pre-project)

    • Former TeamX/TeamXc/A-Team Systems Engineer

    • NASA Public Profile

  • DeBruin Enterprises, LLC

    • Science Educator

    • Fit Rocket Scientist

    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • The Aerospace Corporation

    • Space Systems Engineer (MBSE)


  • Masters in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech

  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Platteville

  • Minor in Business Administration from University of Wisconsin-Platteville

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Red Cross First Aide, CPR, AED

  • Eagle Scout - Boy Scouts of America


  • Social Media: Instagram +7,000; Facebook +600; YouTube +600; Twitter +700

  • Megafonzie Expert - Rocket Science, Space Systems

  • The Aerospace Corporation Senior Space Systems Engineer

  • Former NASA JPL Europa Lander Flight System Engineer

  • Former NASA JPL TeamX/TeamXc/A-Team +20 mission concept studies throughout the universe

  • Former NASA JPL Systems Engineer on Human Spaceflight, Mars Colony, Phobos Ranger projects

  • Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants Skype to 7 schools in California, Texas, and Canada

  • SongAm Space Center, South Korea Celebrity Guest Teacher July 2018

  • Kaukauna High School 2018 Commencement Speaker

  • Yuri's Night LA @BOSplanet Correspondent

  • Competed on American Ninja Warrior Season 10 LA Qualifiers

  • Appeared on Stardom presented by

  • Appeared on the Fit Life Academy podcast with Dale Chube

  • YouTube Red Pilot with Ridley Scott: AI Games - Team Red

  • SciComm Camp 2017 Participant

  • Appeared on the Space Science and SciFi Summit October 7th, 2017

  • Appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Gray Bright Cassini Wednesdays (Aired Sept. 6, 2017)

  • Appeared in story of NASA Responds to 9-year old Britian Boy featured in Mirror (UK), Sky News (UK), BT (UK), Naver News (South Korea), NY Daily News, Times Villager

  • SongAm Space Center, South Korea Celebrity Guest Teacher July 2017

  • LA Public Library STEAM Speaker

  • Appeared on American Ninja Warrior Season 9 LA Qualifiers (Aired June 2, 2017)

  • Appeared on TMRO for an interview: TMRO YouTube Channel has +15,000 subscribers

  • NASA JPL Cassini Begins Grand Finale Correspondent for BOS

  • NASA Social JSC Space Bowl Alumni

  • AIAA Distinguished Mentor

  • Science and Entertainment Exchange Expert Consultant

  • Summary of NASA OR BUST published on the Planetary Society’s website (

  • Beyond Our Sight (BOS) Correspondent: Facebook +500,000 followers, Instagram +57,000

  • Planetary Society HQ Volunteer - HQ in Pasadena, CA

  • NASA JPL Speaker’s Bureau Most Active Member

  • Men’s Physique Competitor - Muscle Beach Venice Memorial Day 2016

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering - Georgia Tech

  • Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. Dimitri Mavris Director of the ASDL (Aerospace Systems Design Lab) at Georgia Tech in the Space Systems Branch with Mr. Stephen Edwards

  • Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering - University of Wisconsin: Platteville

  • Minor is Business Administration - University of Wisconsin: Platteville

  • Woodward, Inc. Research Intern Technology Development Summer 2013

  • NASA Langley Research Center Intern Fall 2012

  • Woodward, Inc. Research Intern Production Engineering Summer 2012

  • Woodward, Inc. Research Intern Product Development Summer of 2011

  • Woodward, Inc. Research Intern Research & Development Summer 2010

  • Eagle Scout


3 years and over 150 applications to NASA before I received my first internship with NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia in 2012.

Georgia Tech initially denied my application to graduate school. Eventually I received a Graduate Research Assistantship, where they actually paid for my school and PAID ME to do research. 

NASA JPL interviewed me in December 2014 and did not give me a full time job. I took a temporary 10 week internship to prove to them I belong. And then I became a FULL TIME NASA ENGINEER!


Give me an opportunity, I'll take it.

Give me a challenge, I'll beat it.

Give me an obstacle, I'll overcome it.

Give me the chance, I'll succeed.


Change The World!


Kevin grew up in Kaukauna, WI, a small town of just South of Green Bay. So yes, he is a Green Bay Packers fan! Kevin played multiple sports ever since he was a child, but in high school he focused solely on soccer where he was the team captain and goalkeeper for Kaukauna High School leading his team to the State playoffs his Junior year. He graduated and went on to do his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville where he obtained his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in December of 2013. Kevin worked at Woodward, Inc. in Rockford, IL over the summers as an intern working on fuel controls for jet turbine engines until he finally earned an internship with NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA in Fall 2012. Feeling that actually working for NASA full-time was in reach, Kevin then went on to Georgia Tech to obtain his Masters in Aerospace Engineering in May of 2015.

In his final semester at Georgia Tech he flew out to California for the third round of interviews with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, known to many as just JPL, where they informed him after the interview that he did not possess the experience the particular position he interviewed for required. Being rejected did not stop Kevin. He took a chance, a huge risk, he graduated without a job and took a 10-week internship with NASA JPL. His goal was to prove to them in 10 weeks that they could not survive with out him. And then in August 2015...KEVIN WAS SUCCESSFUL! Kevin has worked as a Systems Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena, CA working in Project Formulation. Kevin worked on the Europa Lander Mission Concept as a Flight Systems Engineer and also in the Advanced Design Engineering group working on advanced mission concept studies. Kevin has given numerous personal tours of NASA JPL. Kevin is currently at The Aerospace Corporation working as a Space Systems Engineer implementing MBSE (model-based systems engineering) into the design process.Kevin spends most of his time engaging in science education where he make science videos, presents to children & families, and acts as a mentor to aspiring individuals.

With respect to being a science education, Kevin wants to expose more individuals to the wonders of outer space and the marvelous machines that explore it. He wants to bring science and engineering to the forefront of people's mind and make it a larger portion of the public eye. There are fascinating things that the mass public is not getting exposed to through the diluation of pop culture and numerous forms of media. Kevin is taking on the challenge to educate and inspire the crew members of SpaceShip Earth in a fun, exciting, and easy to understand way. He makes YouTube videos, Instagram posts, live tweets breaking news events, and presents to people in person and through live streams.

He is also an Eagle Scout! His Eagle Scout project was building a 30-foot brick patio walkway to a 30-foot diameter brick patio with a fire-pit in the center for a handicapped hunting facility known as Joe's Lodge in Black Creek, WI. Kevin writes to Scout Troops, Eagle Scouts, attends Scouting events, and contributes in other ways to the scouts.

As a Certifed Personal Trainer, Kevin wants to show people that with hard work and dedication you can achieve what you want, we all have the same 24 hours, it just depends on how you use them. He is a NASA rocket scientist, he was in grad school getting his Masters in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech and he found and still find time to meal prep to live an active & healthy lifestyle while getting closer to his best self. It's all about priorities and Kevin wants to express that to people and show them that there is no magic pill, no quick fixes, there is just sweat and passion to get what you want. You can't give up when it's tough because that is when you need to push on and exceed your limits. Kevin lives his entire life outside of his comfort zone because that's where the extraordinary things happen. He wants to inspire people to reach their goals, better themselves, get healthier so they can live longer and spend time with their loved ones. Kevin looked up to so many individuals on his journey, he dreams of the day when someone looks up to him for motivation.

The Fit Rocket Scientist is Kevin J DeBruin from Los Angeles, California. The Fit Rocket Scientist is about being the first Kevin J DeBruin, a mix of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He educates about space science in a fun & easy to understand way as a cool, charismatic dude who's in great shape promoting an active & healthy lifestyle. Kevin showcases his hard work & positive attitude. He inspires others by sharing his own experiences to show nothing is impossible. He breaks the traditional stereotypes of dumb-jock and socially awkward nerd. Kevin is an actual Rocket Scientist! He has a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and has been involved in over 20 different spacecraft concept designs from orbiting the earth to exploring the universe. Not only is he a rocket scientist, but Kevin is also a 2-time American Ninja Warrior! He competed at the LA Qualifiers in Season 9 and Season 10. He also participates in ninja competitions all around California. 

Kevin J DeBruin the Fit Rocket Scientist takes on the American Ninja Warrior course in the Season 9 premiere in Los Angeles. The crowd chants ROCKET MAN with passion as he competes! Thanks for watching, don't forget to click SUBSCRIBE!!!!